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October's Church-Wide Effort to Love Children and Family

Friday October 25 - In a monumental collaborative effort, Valley ministered to families and children through the October Family Friday.

If you had walked into the Pacific Way Campus on Friday the 25th, you would have heard the laughter of children and adults and possibly be nailed by an astrobright paper airplane.

October Valley’s Children’s ministry hosted it’s second Family Friday, but there was a difference in their second effort. Teaming up with three other life groups, the night became a true church-wide effort to fulfill a ministry to build strong families. One life group came the Thursday prior to tear down the sanctuary to be used as a gym, another life group came Friday and prepared a simple dinner of soup and sandwiches and finally a third life group came Saturday morning to set the sanctuary up for weekend services.

This collaborative effort of the body of Christ truly coming together in different forms and functions to love Cowlitz County.

The purpose of Family Fridays is twofold: The first is to give an opportunity for parents to have free childcare that allows them to have an evening for themselves. The second is take those moments to build strong relationships with children and the rest of the church. The night is intentionally overstaffed so that adults are not just overseeing kids, but actually playing with children and giving them the love and attention they crave.

Family Friday is an event that happens every month. If you’d like to get involved or get your life group involved, simply contact Andrew.

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