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February 23rd-7 to 9 pm
and February 24th 9 to 4 pm 
$60.00 a couple!
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This two-day conference will help couples (married or considering marriage) evaluate their relationship in light of their strengths, growth areas and God’s word.  Come prepared to get to know your spouse better and to learn tools to prepare you to live for the glory of God and advance the kingdom of  Jesus Christ with your marriage.


Friday February 23th 7-9 PM   at THE HEIGHTS CAMPUS   3136 Columbia HTS RD

Saturday February 24th 9-4 PM  at THE PWC (Main Church) 2911 Pacific Way

Cost is $60.00  per couple   Childcare is not available.

          (Includes lunch on Saturday, couples survey and workbook along with light snacks and beverages. 

Email us with questions here!

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