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Hybrid Live-Stream & Drive In Service, this Weekend!!

Hey Valley, We are excited to announce that this weekend we are going to do a hybrid live-stream/drive in service at the Pacific Way Campus. You can check out our video announcement by clicking here and the basic details are:

  • Bring your phone and each family can stream the service from their own car. 

  • There will be some pre & post service prayer and welcome by Mike and Andrew using our sound system. 

  • WiFi will not be available, we are using that for our actual stream of the service online. 

  • Building/restrooms will still be closed. 

  • So we can get a feel for the number of cars to expect at the service, can you please register here to let us know you are coming? 

  • If you are concerned about coming or are sick there is no pressure and we want you to stay home and do what is wise for you and your family. 

I look forward to seeing you this weekend!!! Loving people toward Jesus, Pastor Mike

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